Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I've noticed that still a lot of people are visiting this page, I'm happy for that, this means that I was doing something appreciated, but it's been a while since I decided to release my works using DeviantArt.
I'm planning to close this page, but I want to be sure that everyone knows that I'm not disappeared!

You'll be free to do your requests at the DeviantArt group page, I'm not alone there, so things may be also a bit faster that they was with this page.

This is the link to the group:
Everything I was doing here can be done (maybe better!) in the "new" group.
I'm also trying to re-upload the models that were in my MEGA account, but, sadly, I lost some of them forever!

Another thing, if you want to contribute with us in the new group, in any way you want, you are welcome, just send a request to join the group!

The sanctuary will never die!!

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I know that most of the link are down, that's due to my MEGA account takedown.

Read the last post for further info!